The 7th Calvary Information

What is The 7th Calvary?


The 7th Calvary is an ARMA 3 Semi-Realism group for gamers who seek to play the game at a more organized level than one would typically find on a random server, and to enjoy the fellowship and safe harbor of fellow Christians.

What do you mean organized level?

Well, organized to the point where players are assigned to fireteams, squads, roles, with an in game Chain of Command; while communicating in a semi-realistic manner, while elements are assigned in a coordinated effort to complete objectives, tasks, and missions by a Leadership Element. The 7th Calvary will largely be simulating the battlefield experiences of a rifleman infantry company, on the fireteam, squad, and company level depending on how many members we have at a given time.

What do you mean fellowship and safe harbor for Christians?

Well, first and foremost it is not the goal of The 7th Calvary to be discriminatory and exclusive for the sake of those things. There are all sorts of Realism/Milsim ARMA 3 groups out there to choose from. Many are great groups, and offer different levels of immersion in a "realistic military" environment. There are regional groups, groups for countrymen, groups that favor certain specific types of game play, focus on a certain combat era, focus on Infantry, Armor, Air, Combined Arms, large groups, small groups, rigged tactical groups, casual groups, groups for the time challenged, groups for those with nothing but time, groups for active and retired servicemen, groups for nearly every imaginable distinction of in game and out of game player. In all those groups there seemed to be a void, and maybe some exist and I couldn't find them, but I couldn't find a group of players that wanted light realism comprised of Christian gamers. So out of that void, that vacuum, I decided to start The 7th Calvary, a place where Christian gamers could come together and enjoy ARMA 3 without all of the swearing, and vulgarity that permeates so much of in game and VOIP communications. A safe harbor free from constant innuendo, perverted exchanges, and other filthy talk we don't have to worry about our spouses and children overhearing if they happen upon our free time activity; all the while being surrounded by and being able to fellowship with others that share a common faith and value system. While it is true some groups maintain a clean language policy, I can't understate how nice it is to be surrounded by people you have so much more than a game in common with, and that is worth pursuing for me over a group that enforces clean language alone.

The 7th Calvary isn't designed to keep people out, the door to entry is open to everyone. That door to entry is Jesus Christ and His Redemptive Work on the Cross of Calvary. All one must do to enter is believe that Christ died for their sins, confess and make Him Lord of their life, and take up their cross and follow Him.

What kind of Light Realism group are The 7th Calvary anyway?

Well the type of group you can expect you will not have to call anyone "sir". There will be in game rank, and players will be expected to take and give orders. Roles are not stagnate, as players progress in knowledge and ability they can expect to play as perhaps Company Commander in one mission, and a infantry rifleman in a fireteam the next. The 7th Calvary employs a Fireteam > Squad > Company structure, and as we start small and hopefully grow into a larger organization we will scale our player structure, missions, game server, communication server, officer corp, and gaming sessions size and frequency to match player volume and interest. You can expect to learn, tactics, procedures, roles, leadership traits, while using an in game simulated radio to communicate with Leadership and other active elements such as other fireteams, squads, air or armor support, etc. You can expect to play in First Person Perspective ONLY. You can expect to commonly not have the best weapons, optics, and gear the game has to offer, in order to challenge the player membership. Think of it as playing a common soldier with standard issue gear, as opposed to playing a SPEC OPS team member loaded out with the best and shiniest new gizmos the military has to offer. Not saying you will never play with any of those things here, but it will be mission specific and in context of the mission setting the 7th mission designer made for the gaming session.

Lastly, to sum up what feel and goals The 7th Calvary are trying to achieve, I have to give a shout out to Dslyecxi for creating and sharing with the ARMA community his group Shack Tactical and all the Serious Fun they have and share with us. If it were not for Dslyecxi and the great video content he puts out on his YouTube channel I would never even heard of ARMA, let alone wanted to play it, and go to all the trouble and work of starting an ARMA 3 group. So if you are familiar with him and his group, that really is the type of game play I hope to enjoy with members of this group. Over time developing a community here that is close knit, enjoying great gaming sessions week after week for a long time to come.

One quick note concerning the name. The 7th Cavalry Regiment is a real Cavalry Unit of the United States Army. It has long been in service and continues to be to this day. It has been made famous by men such as Custer, and Harold Moore who's story and the story of his men were told in the film We Were Soldiers, along with much other notable service over its long history. We mean no disrespect to those who have served or continue to serve in this unit. We also realize some gaming groups have already adopted the name of The 7th Cavalry, and we do not mean to intrude on any of them. If you haven't noticed already The 7th Calvary is a play on words, using the word "Calvary" as in reference to the Cross of Calvary or Calvary/Golgotha where Jesus Christ was crucified, rather than the word "Cavalry" which is used to indicate horse mounted or today mechanized infantry. If you are a Christian you likely know the deep and frequent use of the number "7" in the Bible. If you are not, the number "7" or variations of it like "sevenfold" and "seventh" appear 860 times in the Bible, and is the number of completion or perfection. The number 7 is used in the Bible from the very beginning, with 7 days of creation, all the way until the end being used 54 times in the book of Revelation alone. Using this play on words with such a well know real military unit, and the obvious correlation 7 has with the Bible, I decided to name this group The 7th Calvary. Pun intended.

Please be sure to read the "What is The 7th Calvary", "Membership Requirements", and the "Code of Conduct" threads under "The 7th Calvary Information" section of the Forum before applying.
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