The 7th Calvary Information

Membership Requirements

  • Must be a Born Again Christian
  • Must be 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Must Own ARMA 3
  • Must Own the APEX Expansion
  • Must Own a Working Microphone (Headset)
  • Must Install and Use the Current 7th Calvary MOD SET
  • Must be Willing to work together with Teammates in a Structured Environment to Accomplish Tasks
  • Must be Willing to Teach and Learn from other Members, to bring Everyone's Game play Experiences and Skill Levels Up
  • Must want to have a Lot of Fun

*Requirements subject to change.*

Please be sure to read the "What is The 7th Calvary", "Membership Requirements", and the "Code of Conduct" threads under "The 7th Calvary Information" section of the Forum before applying.
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